“Nowhere to go and all day to get there…”

As promised, here’s my story about our Thailand adventures. This could be a very short email because there was only one word to describe our vacation: paradise.

We exclaimed: “This is paradise” at least twenty times a day. Funny enough, the last resort was called Paradise. So how could it not be manifested with a name like that?

Who knew that the Universe would dare me if I could stay in undisturbed bliss.

To give you an idea of the spirit of the vacation, the phrase underneath my swing photo, above, was our mantra even though we traveled to four different islands. It felt like we had all the time in the world… no hurry, no rush… just going with the flow.

We visited the most beautiful bounty islands off the beaten path. These were islands with hardly any tourists, white beaches with palm trees, and turquoise pristine waters with fish that would eat out of your hand.

There are three things particularly worth sharing:

1. When you go with the flow, the Universe helps and makes your journey effortless.

It orchestrates and synchronizes the loose ends. It brings people and places together seamlessly.

It organizes how you meet your kids, who fly in from four different places (and different times and locations!) in the world. It helps you find them when you don’t have a meeting place because you trust the wi-fi works to message them. And then there’s no wi-fi, and you wonder how to find your kids in Thailand…

It organizes boats ready to bring you to faraway islands at the exact moment you arrive. It then organizes 7 scooter taxis waiting at a forlorn dock when the boat arrives and you have no idea how to get to the Bamboo Huts in Bamboo Village.

When you don’t live with a Plan B, the Universe ALWAYS steps in because you trust it will all work out. Therefore, it does.

It’s magic when you go with the flow and the divine hand takes care of all the unforeseen.

2. Life happens no matter where you are, and it depends on your mindset if you can handle bliss.

Who knew that you can be in paradise and feel awful because your mind goes in circles. I got a taste of it in the first days.

There were challenges at the home front with the animals, the dog-sitter fell on the icy roads, the front door blew out because of the storm, the oil could not be delivered because of the snow. Our dogs suddenly could jump over the gate…

Next to that, the Universe must have wanted me completely off the grid because my email provider blocked my access to email in Thailand for 15 days. Oops… You get the picture.

I had to surrender and let go of everything related to my home life if I wanted to really be in and enjoy paradise.

It’s magic when you realize that you have a choice to be in paradise, give up control, and let the divine hand take care of everything you worry about. That’s when bliss sails right back into your life. And so it did.

3. The Sunsets take your breath away. Every night. wave

And then, of course, the reward of the day. The sunsets were so beautiful.

Every night we sat on the beach and watched the sun go down. And we fantasized who would see the sun come up at the other side of the world. What a blessing.

After 35 hours of travel we came back, and all the issues at home were peacefully resolved. The six animals were in great shape, the house was wonderful, the dogsitter had done a fantastic job, and suddenly my email was working again. I was allowed back on the grid.

Life is good. The Universe is abundant and always supports your dreams… as you let it.

Much love,


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