“I Lost Power Last Week. And You?”

February 11, 2015


“I lost power last week. And you?”

I can’t tell you how many times recently I’ve heard this phrase. It came out of my mouth, too. Until I was aware of what I was actually saying. Oops! I learned a big lesson.

We live on the East Coast, and in the last weeks we have been showered with snow. Unbelievable amounts of white blessings fell from the sky. Our little town changed into winter wonderland. And even though it was magically beautiful, it caused a lot of stress. The schools closed (which I LOVE), the roads were too messy to drive, and all of our schedules went to mush.

And then the electricity went out. Did we really lose power? No, but I did.

How did that happen?

I lost my power… and not because we lost the electricity in our house. That was actually kind of romantic. We lit lots of candles, cuddled under warm blankets, and went to bed early. I had cooked for two days, so there was not a concern in the world that we would survive this historic storm.

I lost power because I had a plan to drive to Andover for an appointment. Days before the storm, I joined the talk of the town and the weather craze on TV. We all anticipated the massive amounts of snow coming our way. I tried to figure out how much snow would fall, and if I could still keep my plans. Given the fact that I am the worst driver in the snow, I should have known that I would never leave the house, even with only three inches of snow on the ground, let alone the three FEET of snow forecast by the weather people.

So this is what I learned:

You lose your power when you start anticipating. If you start entertaining the ‘what if’ scenarios, you always lose. You become powerless.

Your power is in the present moment. In the present moment, you go with the flow and remain flexible. That is how you keep your power. You weigh your different options and make choices based on those.

Gosh, it’s that simple.

Next to that, always watch your words because they have manifestation power. To say “I lost power” says it all.

How will I go from here? As I am writing to you, we are in the midst of another snowstorm. But this time I will go with the flow and be flexible.

The phone just rang… the schools are closed. I love it.

I’ll let it snow…

Much love,


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