Caution… Beautiful Dreams Ahead

January 6, 2014

Beautiful Dreams

At least five times per week I pass this sign along the road, and it always redirects my mind from the daily grind into the direction of my dreams.

One of my dreams is to help women to birth their babies and create beautiful families by launching my Fertility, Birth & Motherhood Program.

What dream do you want to birth this year?

But why do we need to be cautious with our beautiful dreams ahead? Many times I’ve asked myself this question, and I know why.

Dreams need to be treated like unborn babies in the womb, and we need to nourish them with great care.

    * Dreams long to be born.

    * Dreams are always bigger than you are. That’s why it’s scary to dream BIG.

    * Dreams get stuck in the birth canal if you don’t believe in them.

    * Dreams don’t die, but a part of YOU will never see the light of day if you

       don’t embody them, and that hurts.

    * Dreams in action are God’s way of showing you (and the world) who you are.

    * Dreams equal an enormous amount of risk taking.

    * Dreams make the world a better place.

    * Dreams that are given up on become nightmares when you look back at your

       life someday.

Let me ask you this. Are you worth your dream? Do you value yourself enough to invest in yourself? And are you open to the most amazing possibilities possible ahead of you?

Make your commitment and write out ONE commitment for this year.

What action step can you take today in the direction of your beautiful dream?

Love, Saskia

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