If You Know Where You’re Going, The Universe Will Move In Your Favor

November 15, 2013

Saskia DoorI flew across the country twice in the last few weeks. Both trips were business related, and there’s an interesting lesson I learned during my travels.

When you’re not clear about where you’re going, you don’t get to your destination; you get lost.

And funny (or annoyingly) enough, the Universe reflects that back to you. If you have a dream or goal you want to read this article.

When I landed in San Diego to mastermind with a group of successful business entrepreneurs, I got lost.

Weeks before the meeting, we were given the address of the hotel and the number of the taxi guy, Ali, so we could call to arrange for pickup.

I did as I was told and arranged it with Ali. He asked me to call him as soon as I landed.

It all sounded so easy…

When I landed I called the taxi, and a woman answered the phone. She told me to wait outside at the curbside.

A minute later a green cab stopped and a friendly woman got out. She smiled at me and asked me to put my luggage in the trunk. As soon as I sat down in the cab, she sped off. After about ten minutes on the highway she asked me for the address.

It surprised me that she didn’t know the address (and unfortunately, neither did I!). I texted my friend Debbi and asked, “Where am I going, Deb?”

Thank God she answered, and gave the address to the taxi lady, who looked at me with a frown. 

“You are Morgan, correct?” she asked. “No, I am not. You are Ali’s driver, correct?”

It takes her a minute to make a dangerous U-turn with the car on the highway. Back to where we started.

You get it…

When you don’t know where you are going, the Universe sends you someone who doesn’t know where she’s going, either. You always attract someone who resonates at the same vibration.

The result? It U-turns your dream and delays your destiny.

Back at the curb I got out and called Ali again. I made sure I knew what his cab looked like and that he could find me. Within minutes I was in the right cab, with the right guy, and off to the right address.

On my second trip, which was a three-day intensive shamanic workshop, things worked out very differently.

When I landed in Phoenix I was better prepared. I had the address, and when I called the taxi guy I made sure to find out what he looked like and told him what I looked like. 

It was a breeze at the curbside. The Universe sent me the person who knew where he was going, and there were no U-turns needed.

Just take a moment to answer these questions:

    • Are you clear about where you are going?
    • What is the Universe reflecting back to you? Clarity or confusion?

Take a simple step and clarify your goals. Align your actions with your goals, listen to your Soul, and move!

If you know where you’re going the Universe will move in your favor.



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