How You Can Manifest a Miracle for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2013


For the last few days my sons have been asking me if I remembered to call Café Sicilia to order the tiramisu cake for Thanksgiving.

I joked that the Universe would probably take care of that…

Last year we dreamed for months about the tiramisu cake we would eat for dessert at our Thanksgiving dinner. We could almost taste its deliciousness.

And then I completely forgot to order the cake until the day before.

When I called the café they told me I should have ordered the cake five days ago. It was TOO LATE.

A few hours later they called me back. They didn’t understand how, but somehow they had an extra tiramisu cake with no name on it. They didn’t know who had ordered that cake, but there was one extra cake, just standing there waiting to be picked up (by us).

If we still wanted a tiramisu cake…

The next day, on Thanksgiving Day, I went to Café Sicilia to pick it up.

You can imagine how big my smile was when they handed me the cake over the counter. It was the biggest tiramisu cake I’d ever seen. 

The Universe was kind and generous enough to provide a cake for up to 40 persons!

Most of our kids were in Europe, and my husband was too. I was at home with our two youngest sons. This was the smallest Thanksgiving dinner I’d ever cooked, but this was the biggest dessert I’d ever seen and eaten!

The cake in this picture looks smaller than the real-sized one I picked up that day, but let it be an inspiration for your delicious dream.

What do you want to manifest?

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