Miracle Manifestation

April 26, 2013


How was your week? If you’ve opened the Monday morning Soul Card reading, you read that we can be, do, and have anything we can imagine…

Do you wish this to be true, but deep down you don’t believe it because you have so much proof that in your case this hasn’t worked out?

Or, do you choose to believe this and marinate your mind with such an expansive idea, regardless of your past?

I do.

I also know that it takes inner work and training to keep your mind “miracle minded.” When we step into our personal power we have to remind our mind daily and unplug from the morphic field of limitations.

In the last weeks, I’ve “masterminded” with many people who felt stuck and wished for a miracle. Honestly, it was pure joy to help them reset their minds and access the field of unlimited possibilities, and then notice what happens. We can all do this.

Why should you train yourself to be “miracle minded”?

Because the Universe is one big field of saying YES to your purpose!

Too often we, including me, don’t realize how we sabotage the Universe with contracted thoughts that rehearse the past.

It’s spring and time to bloom!

Since I am documenting my miracles in my Miracle Book, my life seems to get easier and more in the flow with my purpose… it’s because I am gathering proof that the Universe loves me to be, do, and have what I desire.

If you resonate with this idea, let’s check in every Friday and focus on the good stuff of the week. Let’s make it a habit because it’s for sure the faster way to allow the light of your Soul to shine and your dreams to come true.

With Joy,


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