#1 Success Formula

April 29, 2014

Do you know the #1 secret to why Olympic champions win GOLD?

Their minds have seen the glory.

Let me share the story of Emily Cook with you…

Emily Cook, a U.S. freestyle aerial skiing Olympian, does more than visualization in her training. “You have to smell it. You have to hear it. You have to feel it, everything,” she said.

Emily Cook prepared herself with a success script and said, “I’m standing on the top of the hill. I can feel the wind on the back of my neck. I can hear the crowd. I was going through every little step of how I wanted that jump to turn out.”

She said that her mental preparation made her a better jumper and that she used imagery to break the cycle of negativity.

Whenever fear came up, she would picture herself pricking a red balloon with a pin.

Interestingly enough, another athlete named Jacqueline Hernandez said that she struggled with recurring images of crashing. “I’ll see myself fall because that happens in my visualization, and then I have to make sure I clear it out before I go.”

Several days later, she crashed.

The American psychologist Dettling commented that in images it’s absolutely crucial you don’t fail; otherwise you train your muscles to fail.

It is the same for us no matter what dream we have.

To succeed and make your dream happen, you must prepare yourself mentally and emotionally with a success script. You cannot let past experiences come up in your positive visualizations.

I believe that everyone can win. And for each of us there comes a time to commit to that. That time is now. You might dream of being successful in your business, becoming a mom, being a comedian, or finding true love.

Whatever it is, make sure you have a success script, and make sure you have a mentor or coach to get you to the top.

Trying alone has never brought anyone to the top. Every successful person has help. You deserve to make your dream happen. And the world deserves to have you share your gift.



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