Courage to Move Through Breast Cancer

Finding Courage to Heal

For groups or individuals (new groups start monthly)

A six-week program of personal empowerment for women moving through breast cancer.

Through a series of 6 weekly small group discussions, reflective exercises and meaningful practices, you will discover where core imbalances originate and how to re-integrate your spiritual energy with your emotions and your body’s desire to heal.

Of the women who completed the program:

  • 78% experienced increased feelings of peace and harmony in their lives.
  • 61% felt more supported by family and friends.
  • 73% were more focused on the positive aspects of life and reported less sadness and fear of dying.
  • 73% experienced an increase in their ability to meet the responsibilities of their daily lives.

Courage to Heal – Life coach hosting breast cancer workshops …

This program is based on Meredith Young-Sowers work book Women Moving Through Breast Cancer. This program is  supported by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Eder Family Trust, Artemis Woman and the Stillpoint Foundation

“I wanted to thank you Saskia for a wonderful experience with the women’s workshop The Courage to Heal -Women Moving Through Breast Cancer.  I discovered many insights on how to return to my life- which is now a different life, in many ways. I am becoming more aware that the way we talk to ourselves is listened to by our bodies, and that we must always be sending ourselves positive messages.  I appreciate the approach of being gentle, affirming, and patient with myself as I move through this transition. It is wonderful to know that I am not alone in this journey.  I joyously claim my healing, my worth, uniqueness and value to myself and to others.”

~ Trish, Massachussetts ~

“Breast cancer interrupted my life two years ago. The after effects of treatments, surgeries and not knowing what came next left me feeling stuck and afraid to move forward in my life. By taking Saskia’s program ‘The Courage to Heal – Women Moving Through Breast Cancer Workshop” I came to realize I had the opportunity to rebirth my soul; to remake my life beyond what it was and perhaps beyond what I ever thought it could be. Saskia, thank you for assisting me on this journey.  Sincerely,”

~ Dorene ~