A program for supporting women on their journey to conception

For individuals

To support you on you journey of conception, this program helps you tap into your natural capacities to become pregnant, and explores and releases subconscious blocks that might be causing the “unexplained infertility.

“I will never forget my session with Saskia to help with conceiving a third child. During the session Sasakia helped me to release the worry I carried.  With the energy that was released there came room for our beautiful son. I became pregnant very soon after the session with Saskia. Thank you for showing me the blocks in my subconscious mind that needed to be let go of in order to conceive.”


When I first met Saskia I had been trying to conceive my second child for three years.  After talking with Saskia  briefly,  I felt this overwhelming sense that I was in the right place.   I felt I had many energy and mental blocks within that were getting in the way with my fertility and that Saskia could really help clear my body as well as my mind.   I was right!!  I met with Saskia on three separate occasions and a few days after the third session,  I conceived my beautiful son.   Thank You Saskia for helping me to release my fears and open my heart to allow room for the conception of my second child.

~ KRT, Massachusetts ~

“After 1 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant without success the deep inner sessions with Saskia released my blocks that caused infertility. Wow, I am so happy to be pregnant now! Thank you so much Saskia for all you have done to make this miracle happen for us. We could not have done this without your support.”

~ Christine, Massachusetts ~