The Joy of Birthing

A program for setting the stage for the big celebration of birth

For individuals and groups

Saskia teaches birthing the natural way. By trusting and tuning in to the innate wisdom of your body you can give birth as nature intended and learn to communicate with your un-born child before it leaves womb.

“After having given birth to three children – with an average labor of 28 hours, no push contractions, C-sections, forceps, and an epidural – I had no hope that I could give birth to my fourth child in the natural way. But life is just full of surprises! I met Saskia and understood my body’s fears and prepared my mind and body for the biggest celebration in life, doing it the smooooooooooth way. Our child was born in only three-and-a-half hours of labour, naturally, and with the most fantastic push contractions ever. Saskia gave me the biggest gift of my life: she connected my body and spirit and for once I shut off my mind!”


“Saskia is a wealth of experience and knowledge. In addition to her education, she brings to her work her own experience in birthing and mothering her five wonderful children. Without her birthing program, I would have never have had the vaginal birth experience I so desired. Her program helped me make empowered choices throughout my birthing experience and stay centered even when I was told I had only one push left before I would need a C-section. My son was born vaginally and was incredibly healthy. Saskia’s coaching of my husband resulted in our labor and delivery nurse saying that he was the best coach she had ever seen in 23 years. He was completely there for me and my son. We have never been as connected as we were the day our son was born. Thank you, Saskia, for helping this experience to be an unforgettable experience of love.”

~ SHARON LAMM, PhD ~ President, Inside out Learning & Healing, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona