The Joy of Motherhood

A program about the life-changing experience of motherhood

For individuals and groups

Giving birth is only the beginning of birthing your full self as a woman. Saskia provides tools and support that help you manage the changes and transitions of motherhood. Instead of feeling that your life is a “juggling act,” you learn how motherhood can lead to greater expression of your Self.

“I was touched by Saskia’s sweetness, impressed by her professional background, and awed by her role of mother to five children. She immediately became a mentor to me. Saskia took me on a journey of release and empowerment. With her guidance I was able to release limiting thoughts and behaviour that no longer served me. The end result has been an enormous sense of freedom to just be in the moment. My voice is lighter, my walk is lighter, and my heart is lighter. I feel profound joy in moments that I hardly noticed before. More than anything, I have a strong can-do attitude and am becoming clearer about my life vision every day.”

~ GRETCHEN MOLLINS – Massachusetts ~