Reveal the Courageous Woman Within

For groups or individuals (new groups start monthly)

A program of personal empowerment that can be taught in a half day workshop as well in a four-week series.

In this program you will:

  • Ignite Your Courage and Access Your Power
  • Discover Your Unique Potential and Reveal Your Passion
  • Let Go of Your Baggage and Be Free to Shine
  • Express Your Authentic Self and Take a Leap

“Through the intimate workshop with Saskia and the other amazing women, I learned to let go of the baggage of the past and how to become more of who I really am. This has forever changed me and how I view life, other people, and circumstances. Saskia- I can’t thank you enough for this awakening. You are an angel on this earth with a very special gift, and I am so grateful to have met you.”

~ Shana Smith ~

“You are my role model of inner power and trust and how to be a truly radiant feminine being. You provided me an atmosphere of safety that allowed me to review my life and what I am here for. More than anything I learned in your classes is that you are my image of transformation, and what might be possible in my life if I open up to true healing. I will always carry your encouraging smile in my heart.”

~ Janine ~

“I can’t express how much joy it has been to be with you. I fell in love with your laughter, your humor and playfulness in helping find my true self. Your spirit is contagious to reach the seemingly impossible.”

~ Ann ~