The Road Map to Your Soul

For groups or individuals

Join me on a tailor-made transformational adventure for individuals ready to explore uncharted territory. Go on a deep transformational journey beginning with the question “Who am I?” and resulting in “I am____.” At the end of this program you receive your Soul Compass Statement that illuminates your talents, gifts, and life purpose.

On your journey I teach the art of shedding baggage. I guide you and introduce you to powerful tools to help you shed the baggage of your past. In doing so, you find the courage to listen to your inner voice, claim your talents and gifts, and understand what makes your heart tick.

You’ll soon be traveling so lightly you’ll be amazed at the leaps you can make.

“You’ve nourished our dreams by trusting us so that we could trust ourselves. You provided a safe space for us to express the beauty of our creativity. We’ve discovered the greatness of our inner power and presence and how we will shine in the world. You modeled for us the courage necessary to move into our life purpose.  We will be forever grateful.”

~ The Open Hearts 2004 Graduating Class – The Stillpoint School, Walpole, New Hampshire ~

“Saskia showed me that the only life coach I need is myself.”


“Saskia, this is been the most important year of my life.  You gave me back my feelings, a friendship with God, my self and with life.  It’s so big I don’t know how to thank you! ”

~ F. M. ~

“I was 41 years old and faced with an important career decision. Your program helped me to clearly articulate who I am, what makes me tick, what I am good at, what I enjoy, and what I want to achieve. You effectively coached me and pushed me to answer questions based on my authentic voice. That has been the critical piece of my life’s puzzle, helping me navigate through my life with ease.”

~ IVO LURVINK, CFO Domestic Appliances & Personal Care,
Philips, The Netherlands ~