The Breakthrough Experience V.I.P. Days

Identify And Activate Your BIG Purpose NOW!


VIP Day with Saskia Roell - Your Soul Guidance “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Don’t settle.”  ~  Steve Jobs


A lot of people I talk to know they have a bigger purpose to express, and a deep desire to live their dream.They stand at crossroads and keep procrastinating instead of stepping into the things they say they want to create.  

I’ve experienced how procrastinating never made my dream (of writing a book) happen, nor did it make my dream go away. Honestly it was painfully until I broke through my resistance and listened to the calling of my Soul. Today I am a bestselling author and co- author with Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra and I feel truly blessed to help others live their biggest dream.

If you don’t know what’s blocking you and why it’s so hard to breakthrough your resistance even though you know your time is NOW?

If you want to step into the NEW you and break through blocks, stuck energy, or whatever story that holds you back you are in the right place because I’ve designed a V.I.P. Day just for you.

Thea Khama“Having such an intimate experience and speaking soul to soul two days ago was an amazing experience. I felt everything click in and I now feel reunited with my soul on a wholesome level. I have erased the disc of lack and shame inherited from my birth family over finance. I can still “feel” and “see” the clinking fountain of gold coins into my creative solar source chakra.

I have to share with you that I won a huge voucher out of the blue the very next day, after doing your Breakthrough Experience V.I.P. Day, and let me tell you, I rarely win anything- I always have to work too hard for anything, I couldn’t believe it when they phoned me and told me I had won the first prize!!!! It was my first confirmation that we released my biggest block.
Thea Khama ~ Botswana, South Africa

Testimonials for Saskia Roell - Your Soul GuidanceI’d like to tell everyone what happened since our Breakthrough Experience.

I have a great relationship with my ex now. I gave up everything because I didn’t want to spend time on fighting about money. I have big faith in the Universe that I am okay.

I’ve started a new course with wonderful new students! And I already created and sold my meditations (24 were sold) – and I am working on creating the others.

I have a new man in my life, which is more than I ever expected! We are looking together at a new home near the beach and will move in together!

I wanted to thank you for all the new things I am starting right now. The love, wisdom and you believing in me that I can do it!

If any of you wants to make a BIG SHIFT in your life – Saskia is the Master Soul for that!!! Thank you Thank You!!”
~Big hugs from ~ LEORA COHEN

VIP Day with Saskia RoellI’d like to thank you from my heart and spirit for the 4 most empowering and intensive days. The Break Through Experience is etched upon my Soul. I can see clearly now the rain is gone…,

If I would answer the question what the result is that stood out the most?

The feeling that EVERYTHING could happen and that dreams are not dreams anymore but reality.

• On a business level: after the first day of the Breakthrough Retreat I unexpectedly received an email that our company was assigned to a very BIG project (we had been working on getting this project but it seemed stalled for such a long time). It was really amazing to see this happen after one day!

• On Monday, when I landed back in Holland, I was called by one of the biggest companies if we wanted to do their face book pitch!

• On Tuesday I visited the one of biggest attraction parks of Holland and they asked if our company wanted to do the complete media account off and online.

• That same day our team received another BIG new project from one of the leading beer companies.

• And there were more amazing things I’d wished for that happened.

• On a personal level: you helped me seeing my beautiful inner self with laughter, joy and a tear. My Soul purpose is activated in FULL.

My light is ON! ~ Rens Bone

Your Soul Guidance - VIP Day - Saskia RoellThe VIP Break Through Experience was simply amazing and you radiate such genuine warm light that it compels people to you and makes me trust you implicitly. It is a very attractive quality you have… And rare in this field. Your complete presence and authenticity is rare in the world and you and I were brought together for great purpose other than just my healing.

That Matrix Energetics part of this experience was so strong! I could feel it intensely and my body vibrating so much I was shaking after it. At one point during the session I felt my upper thighs, another time my hands, then my stomach and back…another time as I sort of slipped into a dreamlike state I was brought sharply back as I felt my spleen jump! At some point, I felt my chakra’s release all at once. It was incredible. I felt my head… It was amazing because unlike meditation not one thought flicked through my consciousness- I was just THERE but with YOU.

Your healing touch in the Break Through Experience has been unforgettably soothing, strong and sure and words will never do justice to the depth my soul honors yours in gratitude for this breakthrough that happened to me.Your work is utter magnificence. May Love, Light and The Rich Soils of our Mother Bless You! ~ Alima

Pamela Neil's Testimonial for Saskia Roell's VIP DayI was so blessed to work with Saskia, she is an incredible master! After a unexpected ending of a three year relationship, I found myself alone, unable to see who I was, overwhelmed and unable to find a vision for my life.

Saskia skillfully guided me through a process of discovering parts that I had given away, helping me find, rebuild and strengthen my divine essence in the process. She helped me reclaim power that I had given away, find my confidence, and helped me to accept, empower and believe in my own authority and what I bring to my clients.

She gave me the gift of truly seeing who I am and rejoicing as I embody the incredible infinite being I am.

I feel alive, empowered, able to focus and move through my day with clarity and ease. I am seeing miracles every day as I continue to integrate all the incredible juiciness we created together to rebuild my life!

Thank you Saskia for all you are and helping me see who I truly am. ~ Pam

You don’t want to wait till the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom. You don’t want put off your promise till “one day”. You don’t want to waste anymore time second guessing yourself or wondering if it’s really going to happen this year right? That’s why a VIP Day makes sense.

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about this. You know you have a purpose and the world is waiting for your unique talents and gifts to be shared. If you don’t express them, the world will not have them. They will be lost. Imagine how fulfilled you’d feel when you be all that you are!

This program meets you where you want it most.

Here’s what’s possible for you:

  • The freedom to choose what you do for a living and feel abundant;
  • To start a new career and express your life purpose;
  • To feel the courage to move forward a big way;
  • To find yourself in a lasting soul-mate relationship;
  • To move to Italy, or any place you desire;
  • To write that book you’ve been waiting to create;
  • To have a baby;
  • To lose 35 pounds;

And much, much more…

I’ll help you breakthrough your fears, blocks or whatever story that stops you from creating your dreams. Don’t waste anymore time trying to piece it all together by yourself. You’ll need a mentor to help you to move through the blocks and resistance you’ll come across in your process of change. Your time is now and you know it!

This opportunity is the most special and deepest coaching I offer so if you need help…I’d be honored to give you a helping hand. Instead of taking a month of coaching you can experience your breakthrough within a day.

Let me help you find your passionate purpose, gain strength in your relationship, up-level your business, and above all feel the joy of creating the life you love. You deserve to shine your brightest light!

If you’re interested in booking the 3 VIP Morning Breakthrough Retreat – Your Quantum Leap!

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