“The Miracle of Meeting Your Soul Mate”


You’re not too old.
You’re not too late.
You’re not too rusty.
He’s waiting for you,
he can’t wait to hold
you in his arms,
but he can’t find you…
Because you don’t believe
he’s out there.
“The Miracle of Meeting Your Soul Mate”
Are You Ready To Find the Love of Your Life
in 6 Months or Less?

Dear Soul Mate to be,

I’m Saskia.

I’ve been working for two decades helping people find their heart’s desire.

I watch miracles daily. I have seen dozens of men and women find the love of their lives when they had given up all hope.

Do you find yourself here?

  • You have a full life, but you are not sharing it with a deeply loving man.
  • You want to “be yourself” in a relationship.
  • You don’t want to apologize to a man for who you really are.
  • You have so much love to give, but where is that special one you’re waiting for?
  • You want a man who will acknowledge you for who you are.
  • You want your one-of-a-kind beauty to be loved and cherished.
  • You want a man who is fully committed to you and only you.

Or perhaps you’re in a relationship, and you’ve compromised so much you’ve lost your spark.

  • UnhappyCoupleHe gives you attention only on his terms.
  • You long for a romantic spark, even a text, but it never comes.
  • You feel like brother and sister, and wonder if this is it.
  • You crave special attention, but it doesn’t happen.
  • He gets out of bed, ready for work, and you don’t even exist.
  • You never go dancing, you’ve stopped buying sexy clothes, and taking good care of your body.
  • You just don’t share yourself with him anymore; what’s the point?

Maybe you think you’ve already loved and lost and there’s no hope for you.

  • To every woman who thought she married her Soul Mate, only to end up in a dead-end relationship and heartbreak, there is good news.
  • To every woman who thinks she found and lost her true love early on, there is good news.


It’s true.

Did you know that there are thousands of Soul Mates in the Universe?

That there’s more than one Soul Mate for each person?

If you think you’ve already found him but your relationship is either long gone or on life support, there is a new Soul Mate out there for you.

And guess what? He’s looking for you too.

Do you long to find him but are too scared, not ready, or you’ve given up?

These are just fears I can walk you through. Don’t let them stop you!

Don’t let any of this stop you:

  • HibernatingWomanYou’ve recently said:

“It’s too hard,”
“Am I too old?”
“I am too fat,”
“I am too boring,”
“If I haven’t made it by now, it’s too late.”

  • You’re in a stale relationship and wonder if you have the courage to stay or leave.
  • You want to feel amazing and fall head-over-heels in love with your Soul Mate but you’re in hibernation mode.
  • Maybe it’s your karma to be alone. Will it ever happen?
  • You’ve tried dating sites but they’re a waste of your time.
  • It’s just too painful to stay where you are, but you’re too scared to move.

If any of this rings true for you, good!
Because I’m ready to take you on the road
that leads you to your Lover.

Imagine what this will feel like:

  • Couple1You feel warm and safe in his arms.
  • You feel like life has just begun.
  • You have to pinch yourself that this is real.
  • You celebrate life every day with him.
  • Your whole life has a glow.
  • You feel giddy with butterflies in your stomach all day long.
  • Your house is filled with new love and laughter.
  • You are head-over-heels in love, your love is returned, and it’s real.
    If you want The Miracle of Meeting Your Soul Mate,
    You Are In the Right Place…

    He’s out there and he’s waiting for you.

    Did you know you’re sending him the wrong signal?

    You’re not in the same vibration.

    He can’t find you.

    He’s thinking, “I’ve been waiting for her so long. Where is she?!”

    But you’re hiding from him because you don’t want to get hurt again…

    There are 7 Myths That Keep You Away From Love.

    AND The Worst Myth Of All Is: “I’m Not Ready.”

    If you are on this page, you are ready.

    (By the way, I met my Soul Mate when I was happily married.)

    This is the journey you’ve been waiting for.



    There’s a Soul Mate for everyone – including you.

    But Saskia, why hasn’t this happened yet?

    Here’s the truth:
    • You could be living in the wrong story. The quality of your love life depends on the story you dwell in.
    • You’re too attached to your Dream Lover. This program is about bridging the gap between dreaming of your lover, whose picture is glued on your dream page, and attracting your Soul Mate into reality.
    • You’re not really available. There’s a big gap between longing and dreaming of your true love and being truly available for that person when she or he shows up.
    • You’re not on his radar. Right now your Soul Mate is out there; you need only to raise yourself to a higher octave of being to attract in the right one.
    • You can attract him Fast or Slowly – it’s Your Choice. Attracting your Soul Mate can be a fast delivery (the Universe loves speed). However, things can take a very long time if you have subconscious blocks and hooks or outdated Soul contracts and patterns that you weren’t even aware of.
    That’s why I created these
    Miracle Steps for you.
    What is the “Miracle to Meet Your Soul Mate” Program?

    Couple4It’s a thrilling inner journey that will lead you step by step to the fulfillment of love.

    After your Miracle Program you’ll be emotionally ready to:

    • Find the love you seek.
    • Feel confident and attractive again.
    • Be completely open to attract the love of your life
    • Feel loved and cherished like never before.
    • Know how to keep the sparks flying and the intimacy turned up high for decades to come.


    pinkrosepinkroseAre you ready to be loved and cherished like never before?
    Let’s Go!
    Come join me on the
    most exciting journey of your life.

    canstockphoto9026865MODULE ONE

    Release All Your Beliefs That Keep Him Away

    • Astonish yourself when you see the old romantic patterns that are keeping you stuck.
    • Dissolve the mental and emotional obstacles that have been holding you back from true love.
    • Let go of your Cinderella story – it’s keeping him away.
    • Unchain yourself from outdated karmic relationships, vows, and old soul contracts and set yourself free.


    canstockphoto10749524MODULE TWO

    Claim Your Power to Love Again

    • Shift sabotaging behaviors that turn him away and take back your power to love.
    • Rewire and re-pattern your brain for true love, and write the new love story of your life.
    • Remove your subconscious blocks to love in order to love more deeply in all areas of your life.
    • Honor your loss and grief, and gently let them go.
    • Heal old wounds from your childhood.
    • Embrace the power of forgiveness and set your past loves free.
    • Create your “Let Go” Ceremony that finally sets YOU free.


    canstockphoto4259946MODULE THREE

    Design Your Miracle Map to Love

    • Discover what you truly desire and want in a romantic relationship — with no apologies! Go for it!
    • Find out which of the five love attraction patterns you prefer.
    • Does your Soul Purpose have room for a Soul Mate? Make sure!
    • Create 5 ways to live as if he’s already there.
    • Have you prayed for love and it hasn’t worked? Learn the exact words to call him in.


    WomanWhiteDressMODULE FOUR

    Embody Your Beauty Now

    • Discover the 3 surprising secrets to that will make you feel amazing, attractive, and HOT!
    • Learn the 7 Arts of Self-love and Self-care to raise your love vibration.
    • Find out how to turn on your key to Self-love that will bring you all the love you desire.
    • Say Hello to your Sexy Self. Dig out those sexy jeans; put on that little black dress.


    canstockphoto1073466MODULE FIVE

    How to Send Him the Right Signals

    • Discover how to use the Law of Love Attraction to magnetize your Perfect Love.
    • Rewrite your love story and prepare for this new love to last a lifetime.
    • HOT SECRET! Create your exact Soul Mate Attraction Belief Signal to shift your love life now (this alone could completely change your life).
    • Keep your Emotional Vibration high so he can find you more quickly.
    • 8 Keys to make your house ready for him.


    canstockphoto10326896MODULE SIX

    Open Your Heart and Launch Your Love

    • Learn to Soul dialogue with your true love, even if he hasn’t appeared yet.
    • Design and launch your Love Signature to call him in.
    • Create the conversation that will draw in your true love when you meet him.
    • 7 Do’s and Don’ts to get ready for your first date.
    • Design your Dating Map to safely bring your True Love into your life.


    “The Miracle of Meeting Your Soul Mate”
    Find The Love of your Life!

    Starts April 11th – September 27th, 2013

    If your heart is calling to you, click here:



    It’s been 23 years, and my heart still skips a beat when he walks in the door…

    Saskia Roell

    I was introduced to my Soul Mate when I was married. The moment I shook his hand my Soul said: “He’s the ONE.”

    I only knew him for four days, and I left my marriage and gave up my life in Singapore.

    Everyone told me I was crazy and out of my mind. The path of the Soul is not the path of logic of the mind, and therefore nobody understood my choice.

    TaiwanWeddingI married my Soul Mate in Taiwan, and after 23 years I am still deeply in love.

    I’ve always listened to the calling of my Soul.

    We came from Holland to America with five children and one suitcase, without jobs or contacts, hardly any money, and five kids who didn’t speak a word of English. We felt like the pilgrims.

    Ten years after arriving in America, I am a Soul Purpose Expert, radio host (with 400,000 listeners), bestselling author, co-author with Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra, inspirational speaker, matrix energetic healer, and mother of five. I’ve helped so many people find their Soul Mates I can’t count them all.

    Now that I shared about me, let’s have a heart-to-heart about You.

    If you’re ready to find the Love of Your life…
    Let me show you how to make it happen NOW.

    I know how hard it is to struggle and settle for less in relationships. I’ve seen too many people give up their talents, gifts, hobbies, and self-worth by staying where they are.

    That’s why I wanted to create an experience in which you feel safe and supported in a way that allows you to break through your blocks, patterns, stories, and out-dated karmic Soul contracts to attract in your lover.

    WeddingThere’s a Soul Mate for everyone – including you!
    A unique person to share your love with.

    When you join us in the “The Miracle of Meeting Your Soul Mate,” I have all kinds of delicious surprises waiting for you.

    Here’s what you get when you sign up for my six-month LIVE TeleClass program:
    1. 12 1-hour Training Calls – Group calls beginning April 11th. Deep changes take place on these calls. Come prepared to transform.
    2. All the MP3 recordings of each coaching call for your library so you can listen any time.
    3. Access to your private Soul Mate Facebook Support Group.
    4. A personal 30-minute “Launch Your Love” session at the end of the program (valued at $400).
    The first 8 people who sign up also get:

    ♥ The EXTRA Special BIG Bonus ♥

    A 30-minute private
    “Soul Mate Deep-Clearing Session”
    with Saskia (valued at $400).

    This is an act of true love! (smile) I’ve never done this before, and I will never offer this again.

    “The Miracle of Meeting Your Soul Mate”
    Get Ready To Find The Love of your Life!
    A six-month program starting April 11th, 2013, at 1:00pm ET
    And every other Thursday at 1:00pm EST until September 27th

    1 payment of $1379



    6 easy monthly payments of $227



    I cannot wait to share with you the astonishing joy you will feel as you journey towards the great love of your life.

    I’ll see you in April!

    Are you still hesitating?

    “I’m not ready.”
    That’s exactly why you haven’t found him. This is the single biggest excuse women use to put off a happier, richer, more fulfilling life. Yet you are longing to be ready, to be loved, to be found. When you join us in the Miracle Soul Mate Program, you will become ready in surprisingly delightful ways in a very short six months. Wouldn’t you like to be open, ready and attracting your Soul Mate by Fall?

    “I’m too busy.”
    This is a subconscious excuse. This is how you block finding him and allowing yourself a life you truly love. When you join us in the Miracle Soul Mate Program, I will show you what lies beneath your busyness, and how to conquer the fear of slowing down (yes, it can be done!) so that you have time for your life, and for love.

    “I can’t afford it. Maybe Later.”
    If it’s this or the rent, then you really can’t afford it. But if you are choosing in your heart to stay where you are, this is an iron-clad excuse. What is it costing you to stay where you are? How long have you waited for a deep, lasting love? Or have you settled? When you join us with the affordable payment plan, you find more than just your love. You find that your life opens, your abundance increases, you laugh more often, and many doors begin to open to you.

    “I’m too afraid to leave my partner.”
    Everybody has their own soul’s journey, including your partner. If you are staying put in a dead-end relationship, you are blocking both your own love and abundance, and his as well. If the two of you are karmically complete, it is time to move on. If you have the guts to leave, the Universe will support you 100%. When you join us in the Miracle Soul Mate Program, you will astound yourself when you see the new life that is waiting for you.


    pinkrosepinkroseAre you ready to be loved and cherished like never before?
    Let’s Go!
    Come join me on the
    most exciting journey of your life.

    1 payment of $1379



    6 easy monthly payments of $227


    P.S. Did you remember that I found my Soul Mate when I was happily married? Your Soul knows exactly who’s the One for you. Don’t let your logical mind keep him away from you a moment longer.

    P.P.S. Towards the end of the program you and I will get together for a 30-minute “Launch Your Love Session” that will blow the doors wide open for your true love as fast as he can find you.

    Success And Happiness Guarantee:

    Take this program for 30 days. If after 30 days you feel this is not the right program for you, I’ll be happy to refund you the first month’s tuition. But I’m so sure you’re going to love what’s happening in your life that you won’t ever want to stop!