Getting Started

Getting Started Is Easy When You Have Your Soul Plan!

Do you have a feeling that 2013 is meant to be your BEST year ever? You’re ready to jump in and create the your life you love, even though you don’t know how yet?

We can help you get started, in fact we are experts at helping people get the courage to do what they say they want when they feel it’s their time.

Here are some questions to find out if you are ready to work with Saskia.

  • Are you ready to experience a big shift and transformation in your life?
  • I bet you are ready to come out of hiding and express your true voice and message to the world?
  • What about releasing stuck energy and old patterns that are holding you back?
  • Most importantly what has it been costing you NOT to take a leap of faith and change what’s not working in your life?

Here’s what we can offer you!

An individual or group program to make your life happen according to your highest Soul purpose.

The Breakthrough Miracle Club

The Breakthrough Miracle Club gives you wonderful group support to empower each other to reach your goals. We help you see who you are meant to be, you’ll get an big tool box to get unstuck, move forward, and stay on course with your goals and dreams. You can join anytime. Take the next step and click here now.

Soul Card Reading “Your Burning Question Answered”

If you have a burning question, this is your answer. I’m offering 30 minutes readings. To book your private Soul Session click here.

The Soul Purpose Activation

Many individuals choose this as their starting point.

The Soul  Purpose Activation gives you the opportunity to become crystal-clear regarding the direction of your life path now. You gain insight into where you’re coming from, where you are now, where you’re heading, and how to reclaim your power. Take the next step and click here now.

Your Soul’s Signature Program

This is a sacred journey that leads you to your Soul’s Signature Statement, which holds the blue print of your Soul.  The reason why this is so important for you to know is because it includes your heart song, your Soul’s intention, and your  unique talents and gifts that provides you a happy life.  Many people have said that this program is a once in a lifetime experience to give you the most complete picture of WHO you are and who you are supposed to be in during this lifetime.  Take the next step and click here now.

The Breakthrough Experience VIP Day

This is the deepest coaching and most powerful and fastest way to unleash your true potential because you will break through blocks, stuck energy, or whatever story that holds you back to claim the New You. Take the next step and click here now.

Platinum Soul Coaching

3-month experience that can include components from all three programs from above.  It’s a tailor made program to guide you on journey when you are ready to express all that you are. Take the next step and click here now.


Saskia Roell100% Money Back Guarantee

Success And Happiness Guarantee:
Here’s my promise to you. If for some reason you don’t receive all that you need to move forward – we’ll make it right by giving you 100% of your money back– no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose whatsoever. This applies within one week after completing the program.

“The daily support, the guided meditation The Temple of Your Soul, the powerful exercises designed of The sacred Soul Map to Your Dream to expand awareness, are helping me to consciously create the life I want for myself and my family. Thank you Saskia for your guidance, wisdom, empowerment and magical ways of transforming my life with this program.” – Johan J.