3 Steps To Hear Your Soul’s Answer!

June 7, 2013


I am very excited to share that I am one of five teachers in the world who teach the Stillpoint Model of Intuitive Perception. Because this week two of my clients asked me how to listen to their Soul, I want to show you a powerful exercise I taught my students this week.

If you have a burning question, this exercise will give you an answer.

1. Close your eyes. Create a question out of a concern, worry, or challenge. For example: “How do I earn more money?” or “How do I create more intimacy with my partner?”

2. Open your eyes and pay attention to exactly what you observe and sense, even though you might have seen this scene many times before. The answer to your question will come in the form of offering you a new way to reach your goal.

Your eyes will be drawn to what your Soul (or heart) wants you to interpret in a new way. Every tiny detail counts. A table isn’t just a table, but perhaps a surface to lay out a new plan. Pay attention to the colors, as well.

I asked the question, “How do I deal with the stress of my dad’s physical health challenges?” The first thing my eyes were drawn to was the silver handle that opens a window. The quick interpretation was to give it more air, create more space, and change my perception about the situation. The color silver is about one’s emotions and the shining-through of one’s feelings.

Do it. Here are the three easy steps:

1. A question that is important to me is:

2. The images I saw were:

3. My interpretation (the answer or guidance around my question) is:


With love


P.S Keep your eyes open I have something super special for you next week!

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