Soul Series with Saskia

Available Soul Series Programs with Saskia Röell

The Soul Reading

Many individuals choose a Soul Reading as their starting point.

The Soul Reading gives you the opportunity to become crystal-clear regarding the direction of your life path now. You gain insight into where you’re coming from, where you are now, where you’re heading, and how to reclaim your power. Take the next step and click here now.

The Breakthrough Experience VIP Day

This is the deepest coaching and most powerful and fastest way to unleash your true potential because you will break through blocks, stuck energy, or whatever story that holds you back to claim the New You. Take the next step and click here now.

Platinum Soul Coaching

3-month experience that can include components from all three programs from above.  It’s a tailor made program to guide you on journey when you are ready to express all that you are. Take the next step and click here now.

The Breakthrough Miracle Club

The Breakthrough Miracle Club coaching gives you wonderful group support to empower each other to reach your goals. We help you see who you are meant to be, you’ll get an big tool box to get unstuck, move forward, and stay on course with your goals and dreams. You can join anytime. Take the next step and click here now.


A program for supporting women on their journey to conception.
To support you on your journey of conception, this program helps you tap into your natural capacities to become pregnant, and explores and releases subconscious blocks that might be causing the “unexplained infertility.”
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The Joy of Birthing

A program for setting the stage for the big celebration of birth.
Saskia teaches birthing the natural way. By trusting and tuning in to the innate wisdom of your body you can give birth as nature intended and learn to communicate with your un-born child before it leaves the womb.
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The Joy of Motherhood

A program about the life-changing experience of motherhood.
Giving birth is only the beginning of birthing your full self as a woman. Saskia provides tools and support that help you manage the changes and transitions of motherhood. Instead of feeling that your life is a “juggling act,” you learn how motherhood can lead to greater expression of your Self.
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Courage to Move Through Breast Cancer

A six-week program of personal empowerment for women moving through breast cancer. Through a series of 6 weekly small group discussions, reflective exercises and meaningful practices, you will discover where core imbalances originate and how to re-integrate your spiritual energy with your emotions and your body’s desire to heal.
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Reveal the Courageous Woman Within

In this program you will:

  • Ignite Your Courage and Access Your Power
  • Discover Your Unique Potential and Reveal Your Passion
  • Let Go of Your Baggage and Be Free to Shine
  • Express Your Authentic Self and Take a Leap

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Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki

This evolutionary program provides the necessary tools and exercises to empower you to become all that you are through the energy transmission of the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki. The Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal us and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous. The word munay means I love you or be as thou art.
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“Each day, I look forward to discovering what new technique or tool Saskia will offer our us in order to find our highest purpose. We don’t stop there, though; It feels that daily I am encouraged to be held accountable for my goals & dreams to live a healthy & happy life. Right now I have renewed energy to write my book and I wrote my first chapter after only 9 days of this program.” – David P.

“For me, joining the Sacred Soul Map to Your Dream means a commitment for myself to quiet my being and embrace the genuine goodness of Saskia’s teachings and exercises. I can’t express enough how I have experienced a life changing spiritual growth.  I find the commitment to accept daily support of this program it, nudges my soul to move from fear to freedom. I am grateful for Saskia’s unconditional support, teachings, and directed meditations have given me the energy to find my soulmate and the trust that I am worth to have one. Woohoo!” – Melissa B.